Hi, I'm Rachel Elizabeth!

Whatever your reason for visiting, I’m so glad you’re here!

You may have seen one of my #RealTalkWithRach vlogs, you may have logged on to one of my prayer livestreams on Instagram, or you may know me from my years as a fitness professional and sports model, but whether you know me or not, or how you know me, is irrelevant. You only need to know one thing, and that is this: God is real, Jesus is God, and God is Love.

Because of this revelation, my life took a major trajectory shift in June of 2011 when I was encountered by the presence and audible voice of God, which led to a long few years of healing and preparation for what was to come (I shared my whole story on YouTube for those interested). If you had asked me at any point prior if I would ever be doing ministry full time I would have laughed, but on October 1, 2017, I had sold my furniture, packed my car, left my rented room, and hit the road to go wherever the Spirit of God was leading, to love and serve whoever He led me to, however I could. In the process, I’ve been healed, delivered and set free from more than I knew I needed.

I’ve been living #PurposefullyHomeless as an independent missionary, sharing my testimonies of His faithfulness and the miraculous on my social media platforms and live events to encourage and empower you in your faith and blood-bought new-creation identity ever since!

Jesus died my death to give me His life, and restore my identity as a daughter of God! It’s a joy to give Him my everything for His glory!

soli deo gloria


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